A film by Oscar A. Sánchez

Language - Spanish

Runtime - 38:53 min

Production country - Mexico

Synopsis - Lazaro and Estebania live in the Sierra Mixteca of Oaxaca in Mexico. Everyday in rainy season they go to pick up lots of edible mushrooms to cook them, sell them or exchange them. In that mexican region, life has been the same for more than 50 years.


About - This movie was made in collaboration with a mexican gastronomic collective called Sexto. They work with this mixtec community helping them with a scientific research on the endemic mushrooms.

Mazatec witchcraft


Click on these files to read more about mixtec mushrooms and Sexto's work.

Sexto - Mixtec mushrooms

Mazatec mushrooms


About the director - Filmmaker and photographer born in Mexico, 1991. Oscar was raised in Mexico City’s countryside, isolated and with a naive vision of what entertainment should be. After graduating from film school he worked at media outlets like El País and Al Jazeera where he found journalism as an effective way to achieve a better understanding of social and political issues from a humane perspective. With an ethological method he reflects on the poetry of the empiric knowledge that nature gives to humans. His rhythm and visual compositions recall José María Velasco's mexican landscape paintings and mid 20th century photography. He looks for simple everyday stories and real aesthetics that feel far away from the “american dream”. Authors like Rubén Gámez, Nicolás Echevarría and Chris Marker are his main references.